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Travel & Interesting Places In Makassar district, South Sulawesi.

City macassar or often known as Ujung Pandang is the capital of South Sulawesi province. In this city there are tribes of Makassar, Bugis, Toraja and Mandar. Food is typical Coto Makassar Makassar, Maros Bread, Cakes Tori ', Palabutung, Pisang Ijo, Sop Brother, and Sop Konro. Diversity of culture, cuisine and natural beauty like Losari, fort rotterdam and others make Makassar became one tourist destination in Indonesia you should visit.

Here is a list of some interesting places you might visit:

Benteng Rotterdam.

benteng rotterdam

Fort rotterdam is also known as Ujung Pandang fortress is the historical triumph of the kingdom of Gowa and courage in the 17th century. This fort was built in 1545 by the king of Gowa to IX. She is known by the name I Margau Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Daeng, known by the name Karaeng Turipalangga Ulaweng. Now the existing buildings in the fort rotterdam used by asylum and archaeological heritage, cultural centers and museums lagaligo. Located in the heart of the city of Makassar, toward the coast Losari. To reach that location can be reached by various types of vehicles. Around the location of available parking space, hotels, restaurants, kaffee, travel, souvenir shops, shopping centers, kiosks, banks and tourist attraction.

Islamic Center.

islamic center makassar

Al-Al-Islami headquarters was established on May 8, 1984 on the initiative of General M Joseph as a center of Islamic religious development. This place is designed so as to reflect the integration of Islamic values were colored with the local culture and modern. Located at Jalan Masjid Raya, about 2 km from the center of Makassar, with an area of 10 hectares. In this place there shallat room facilities, schools, libraries, multipurpose room, kiosks and parking lots.

Mandala Monument.

monumen mandala makassar

This monument was built to commemorate and make guidelines for the values of heroic efforts to free the nation of Indonesia in West Irian, from the hands of colonial administration in 1963. Located in downtown Makassar, precisely on Jalan Sudirman. This monument is equipped with a multipurpose building, stage performances as a cultural entertainment center of eastern Indonesia, also in the surrounding parking lots there are hotels and other tourist facilities.

Old Tombs of Kings Tallo.

kuburan raja tallo

This tomb was built since the 18th century with the construction of buildings that resemble a temple. On the walls of the tomb decorated with a few verses of the Quran with beautiful calligraphy. Located on Jl. Abdullah Sultan of Tallo district, about 7 km north of Makassar city center.

Tomb of Prince Diponegoro.

makam pangeran diponegoro

Prince Diponegoro was the oldest son of the sultan of Yogyakarta Hamengkubuwono III, who was born on November 1, 1785. He actively fought against the invaders on the island of Java in 1825-1830. The war began with penolakanya against the Dutch colonial policy and tax binding patterns of land ownership rules are not fair. In 1845 he was arrested and imprisoned in the fortress Rotterdam in Makassar, then exiled to Manado, after some time he returned again in Manado to Makassar and died on January 8, 1855 in Makassar. Located on Jl. Diponegoro 55 villages Melayu Kec. Wajo. It is accessible by a variety of vehicles, close to shopping centers.

Port Paotere.

pelabuhan paotere

Poetere (traditional port) is a community sailing boat haven Sulawesi who came from various regions in Indonesia. There are a variety of sailing vessels in the style and shape. Located in the northern city of Makassar, available parking, traditional restaurants.

Somba Opu.

benteng somba opu

The fortress was built by King Ompu Somba of Gowa to Daeng Matanre Tumaparisi Kallona IX century XVI (1550 - 1650) which is the center of the kingdom of Gowa and one of the largest airports in southeast asia in his time. Benteng Somba Opu a historical relic from the past mighty kingdoms in South Sulawesi, now used as the central region of South Sulawesi miniature culture and has built a variety of traditional houses from all the tribes / ethnic groups in South Sulawesi, where each home can describe their respective cultures . Located in the southern city of Makassar, about 7 km from downtown Makassar

Syech Joseph's Tomb.

makam syekh yusuf

Syech Joseph was one of the famous Muslim fighters, especially in Sulawesi. She is known by the people of South Sulawesi as Tuanta Salmaka, Kobbang known grave, he was known as a scholar and an active fighter Agam broadcast the teachings of Islam in some countries. Oddly enough he found the tomb in southern Africa, Sri Lanka, Banten and Gowa. His tomb is visited almost every day people to make pilgrimages. Located on Jl. Syech of Joseph, the border town of Makassar and Gowa district.

Balla Lompoa Museum.

Museum Balla Lompoa.

Is one form of reconstruction of the royal palace of Gowa, in a wooden structure built in 1936 and has been restored in 1978-1980. This museum has a main room that contains the Gowa royal heirlooms such as manuscripts, musical instruments, traditional clothing, a dagger, sword, gold crowns and various collection tools ceremonial monarchy. Located on Jl. KH Hasyim in the central district. Gowa. There is a parking area, custom house Tamalate, easily accessible and there are enough shopping centers.

Old Mosque Katangka

Mesjid Tua Katangka

Built in 1603 during the reign of the kings of Gowa to XIV of Sultan Alauddin and renovated in 1978 is also the oldest mosque in the district. Gowa and Prop. South. Around the mosque there are also tombs of the kings who had ruled in several areas such as Luwu, Bone and Kab. Gowa. Located on Jl. Joseph Syech Ketangka village, Kec. Somba Opu. This place is also relatively easy to reach by various kinds of vehicles.

Passion Fruit Plantation.

Perkebunan Buah Markisa.

Passion fruit liquor produced is processed into high-quality fresh and has a distinctly different flavor of passion fruit from other regions. Passion fruit plantations have beautiful scenery and cool weather, visitors can taste the passion fruit before processing. Kanre Apia Located in the village, about 9 km from the town of Malino. At this location there is also a resort / villa.

Forest Tourism Malino.

Hutan Wisata Malino.

Place of rest and recreation for the temperature is cold enough to be at altitude, in addition to the cool air of this place too much fruit and vegetables that grow around the slopes of the city of Malino, one of the mountains that can become a tourist attraction is the sacred mountain Bawakaraeng for some people. Forest tourism is one of the objects to relax and breathe fresh air under the shade of pine trees and scenery, this place is also frequently used by tourists youth campsite. Located about 75 km from the city is protected, this place has been equipped with gaming facilities and adequate parking.

Tourism Tope Jawa Beach.

Wisata Pantai Tope Jawa.

Natural beauty and expanse of sea bathing at the site has attracted many visitors. Located at the natural bathing village Langkia Tope Java or about 14 km from the city Takalar. This place is equipped with parking facilities, Baruga, halls, fish auctions and sunbathing spot for tourists.

Punaga beach.

Pantai Punaga.

It is one tourist attraction that offers the natural beauty of marine tropical beach with white sand. Punaga located in the village, district Mangarabombang. At this location, also located villa - which you can rent villas around the coast.

Regions Loka Camp & Outbound.

Kawasan Loka Camp & Outbound.

The road to this location is full of turns and climbing, along the way visitors can see the horticulture crops, vegetables grown on the slopes - the slopes of the hill so that presents a beautiful scenery. This area is located at a height so that the valve cool. Located in the village of Bonto Marannu. Sub Uluera approximately 24 km from the city Bantaeng.




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