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Sumedang is a small town located between two major cities, namely Bandung and Cirebon. The city is often known as a haven for those who were to travel overland between Bandung and Cirebon. To this place is also have special food call tahu sumedang who have different tastes in food are similar in other cities.

Antiquity, Sumedang region known as the location of Sumedang forbidden kingdom founded by Praburesi Tajimalela (approximately 1340 to 1350) to the region include: Sumedang, Garut (Limbangan), Tasikmalaya (Sukapura) and Bandung.

While Pajajaran in Bogor in 1579 collapsed, authorities and rescue senapatinya and device attributes to the royal palace of this Sumedanglarang. The last king is King Sumedanglarang Geusan Ulun who had moved into the palace of the Sumedanglarang Kolot Dayeuh area, he died in 1608 AD


Not many know that Sumedang also has a lot of potential for tourism, especially nature and cultural tourism.





Alun-Alun Sumedang.

Alun-alun Kabupaten Sumedang

One of the features are there kekhasanya phallus which is not far from the district office complex sumedang and surrounded by the great mosque, the House of Representatives, prosecutors and prisons. Inside were the trees that shade so often used as a playground and jogging track.

Great Mosque Sumedang .

Mesjid Agung Sumedang

Is the largest places of worship for Muslims in the district Sumedang. The mosque has long been built, there in front of the square near the complex Sumedang government. The shape and architecture is still maintained as it used to when it was first built.

Monument Linga.

Monumen Lingga.
This monument is an icon of Sumedang. Situated right in downtown sumedang in order to commemorate a very important figure in the history of the Prince Soeriatmaja sumedang.
Built on 25 April 1992 to commemorate an important period of 1882 s / d in 1919.

Ulun Geusan King Museum.

Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun.
This museum complex is located in government buildings around the south of the square Sumedang and is a family museum that was built in 1973. Objects legacy of kings in the royal era Disallow Sumedang stored in this museum.

Grave Dayeuh Luhur.

Makam Dayeuh Luhur
Sumedang district located in the north around 17 Km from pusatkota Sumedang. Tatik power in this is the tomb tempay Geusan Ulun king and his wife are named and the tomb of Kyai Harisbaya Cipaku Damang.

Grave Cut Nyak Dien.

Makam Cut Nyak Dien
This tomb was on a small hill near sumedang government offices located in the mountains south puyuk sumedang district. Doceritakan that cut much dien exiled from Aceh by the Dutch colonial government to Sumedang until his death. Cut many dien was one of the national hero of Indonesian women.

Grave Pasarean Gede.

Makam Pasarean Gede
Santri Kangjen prince (Prince koesoemahdinata I) a tooh Islamic fighters in the region in 1530 Sumedang Disallow led by a queen named Queen Goddess Inten title Queen of the Gods with General Pucuk. Prince Santri died on October 2, 1579 and is buried alongside his wife in the mountain Ciung gede pasarean located approximately 1 Km from the city center Sumedang.

Grave Mount Linga.

Makam Gunung Lingga
Located in the village Cimaraga, Darmaraja district, about 20 Km from the city center Sumedang. Panorama attraction has a very beautiful nature with a unique landscape and typical.

Grave Marongge.

Makam Marongge
Marongge is semuah where the grandparent's grave and all Gebug brother disappeared (Tilem).

Nature Tourism Cipanas Sekarwangi.

Wisata Alam Cipanas Sekarwangi
Situated 19 Km north of Sumedang, at the foot of the mountain Tampomas, fragrant Sekar village, district and fruit can ditembuh two with all types of transportation both personal and public. In this place there are hot springs, and other facilities such as lodging, etc..

Nature Tourism Cipanas Cilengsing.

Wisata Alam Cipanas Cilengsing
Located not too far from Cipanas Sekarwangi. Located in the village Cilangkap, Fruit district two, about 15 Km from the city center Sumedang. Hot springs contain a high enough belerag, so serig used as treatment media.

Cadas Pangeran.

Wisata Alam Cadas Pangeran
Approximately 8 km to the west of the city sumedang (road toward Bandung) there is a steep valley. This historic place called Rock Prince to commemorate the service and courage of Prince Kornel, a king who ruled at that time. He opposed the Dutch colonial government at that time under the leadership of Gen. HW. Daendles.
Consider the way they shook hands in a standby ..

Nature Tourism Curug Sindulang.

Wisata Alam Curug Sindulang
Located in the village Sindulang, Cimanggung district. This resort has 2 pieces of water About a waterfall with a height of 50 meters. Curug Sindulang has beautiful natural scenery, especially on the way to the location.
If the journey continues, we will find the resorts of Mount Kareumbi time. Unfortunately this location was very unkempt.

Giri Golf Gahana.

Lapangan Golf Giri Gahana
An international standard golf courses are located in the village Cibeusi, Jatinangor district, and only about 30 minutes drive from Bandung.

Gunung Kunci Nature Tourism.

Wisata Alam Gunung Kunci
It is a place for recreation with beautiful scenery, located about 200 meters from the square Sumedang. Here there are caves built in the Dutch colonial period and used as a fortress defense / protection for the besieged sumedang community.

Kiara Payung Camping Grounds.

Bumi Perkemahan Kiara Payung
This place is one of the locations used in the national scout jamboree activities and managed by the Government of Java - the West. Located in District Jatinangor, Sumedang district.

Nature Tourism Copanteuneun.

Wisata Alam Copanteuneun
An interesting natural pond with an area of about 1 ha. Located at the foot of the mountain north Tampomas Cimalaka district, only 5 Km from the city center Sumedang.

Kawasan Wisata Kampung Toga.

Kawasan Wisata Kampung Toga
Kampung toga village stands medicinal plants. Located 3 Km from the square Sumedang, a tourist family with a beautiful mountain environment and comfortable, suitable for meetings and parties.
Landscape with different heights make this region has a diverse tourism. them in this place is paraglaiding facilities, glider, rafting, hiking, jogging, off-road, war games (paint ball / airsoft gun), horse riding, etc..




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