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      Bandung Tourism Northern Region, with its activity center in the crater of Mount Tangkubanperahu, Taman Hutan Raya Juanda (Dago Pakar), Maribaya Lembang, Curug Panganten Cisarua and Flower Garden Cihideung - Parongpong.

City District Lembang, has its own charm to attract the tourists. There are at Grand Hotel Lembang, one of the hotels built in the era of 1940 and until now still quite adequate for the interests of tourists. Grand Hotel Lembang, Princess of Mount Cottage and other hotels hotels scattered in many cities Lembang, ready with all the hospitality to entertain the tourists.

The tourist attraction located in the northern part of Bandung is the crater of Mount Tangkubanparahu, Maribaya (Curug Maribaya, Curug Omas), Curug Cimahi, Cihideung Flower Garden, Sand Yunghun, and also Ir H. Park Juanda (Dago Pakar, Japanese Cave).


Hotels in North Bandung.
There are many hotels in North Bandung, we suggest you should first compare both facilities, price and location before you decide to stay. You can get information here: 

Hotels in Bandung, compare prices, facilities here..

How to Go North Bandung?
Click here to view the road map to guide North Bandung area / Lembang from the TOL Pasteur Bandung to Bosscha stars observatorium. This map can be dynamic and change according to the location where you are and the goals you desire. Read the instructions first on the right column to facilitate its use.

Tangkuban Perahu crater.
Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a height 2076 meters above sea level. This mountain when seen from a distance looks like an upturned boat, which is why this mountain is called Tangkuban Perahu. Legends attached to this mountain is Sangkuriang, the story of a boy who falls in love with his mother.

Temperatures here can reach 7 degrees Celsius, with humidity of 45 s / d 95%. From the city of Bandung is within a distance of 47 km to the north to Lembang or Subang.



This tourism object is about 21 Km from the city of Bandung to the north, or about 5 Km from the city to the east Lembang. Recreation with beautiful scenery and cool air. In addition to the bathing pools of hot water containing high mineral good for health, there are also several waterfalls namely: Curug Cigulung, Curug Cikoleang, Curug Cikawiri and Curug Omas.

Curug Cimahi.
Waterfall tourist attraction located in the district Cisarua, Lembang. Is about 10 Km from the city Cimahi at Lembang. Or it can also be reached from the town of Lembang (before the grand hotel Lembang) turn left toward the west (road to Cihideung, all Abaut strawberry / The Peak Cafe).

Cihideung Flower Garden.


Located in the village Cihideung, Parongpong district. About a land with an area of 50 hectares, the village is a tourist interest Cihideung giant flower garden very interesting to visit. There is a sour-like collection of flowers, and of course you can vent their shopping desires (interest) you are here.

Ir H. Juanda Park.
Forest park is the highway that has a collection more than 2500 of tree species which included the 40 family of 180 species, including Sumatran pine, teak, wood ylang, Uganda mahogany, big leaf mahogany, sausage trees, pines or pines, pines southeast asia, philippines , mexico and kaliandra. There are also various fauna consists of various species of birds, ferrets, squirrels, monkeys, etc..

This place is also a heritage site of Japan (Japanese cave) and the Netherlands during the war, because the topography is suitable for hiding.




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