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Tourism Galunggung

Gunung Galunggung

Galunggung is one of the active tar volcano in the Sunda plateau. The last eruption occurred in 1994, while the last devastating eruption occurred in 1982 with a sound boom, flames, and a flash of lightning. Activities eruption lasted for nine months and ended on January 8, 1983. Devastating volcanic eruption to cause a spectacular lightning displays, as documented by the united states geological services.

G. Papandayan
The eruption in 1982 accompanied by the sound boom, flames, and lightning flashes
(Source USGS)

As a tourist attraction, many visitors Galunggung are local tourists, while visitors from abroad is still below a count of 100 people on average per year. Average domestic and foreign tourists who visit Galunggung numbered 213 382 persons per year.

Seeing the potential appeal that may be extracted, and a strategic geographical position, and its uniqueness from its natural condition Galunggung tourism potential to be sold to foreign tourists. However, tourism has not been packed in a professional tour packages.

Climbing Mount Galunggung.
For those of you who are interested to make a climb to the summit / mountain crater Galunggung, you can start from the village Singaparna (a distance of approximately 6 km from the town of Tasikmalaya, 60 km from the town of Garut). From Singaparna Talagabodas you go to, you can start climbing out of here after register to post climbing.






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